SWISS – The sun isn't gone. It's just somewhere else. (II)

Following a work created in the year before, this art installation is the second of its series designed for the airline SWISS at Zurich Main Station. When the busy commuters arrive at the station, the tranquil movement and the warm light of the scene intrigues them to pause: a huge sun in changing colors shines on dreamy clouds made of the world's lightest fabric, floating at a graceful pace above the audience. The weightless appearance and the simplicity of the installation, measured 13 by 13 meters, fills the large main hall with joy and calmness and evokes the dreams of flying to warm destinations, away from Zurich's ice-cold, gloomy winter.

My work included the creative idea and concept, creative direction and art direction. Inspired by Hans Haacke's "Blue Sail" from 1965.